"As a fellow music educator, I learned a LOT from watching you teach - you're a master teacher and wonderful person. You've given Kathryn an exceptional start to a habit and skill that I suspect will be with her for many years to come. We will always remember the lifelong gift that began with you." - Angelo (parent)

"Ms. Erin is a phenomenal violin teacher - she is very kind and has a great sense of humor! Erin makes violin fun to learn, and she is very patient and extremely supportive. She offers both online and in-person lessons, so if you don't live in Cleveland you can still have lessons with her. I have learned a lot from her in the past 4 years.  If you want a friendly and supportive teacher, I would highly suggest her!" - James (student)

“Erin is a wonderful teacher and an excellent musician. In the three years that I took lessons with her, she was always encouraging, supportive, and kind. My violin lessons with Erin helped me prepare for college auditions and musical experiences after high school. I highly recommend taking violin lessons with Erin! - Emma (student)